The Criminal Flute Player

The man stopped turning to see a woman perched on a wall playing a flute. The music was astoundingly good and so he cautiously approached. A ring of people already surrounded her and so he stood a little way off just watching. A small smile graced his lips as he moved close enough to toss a couple of dollar bills into the case before backing away again.

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Captured – Part 2

Last time: The leader looked at me curiously before he extended a hand and asked, “Would you like to see our real one?” I hesitated before taking the hand with a nod and letting him lead me away from the building. We walked along a track that took us down into a hidden valley and then I could see a mass of tents sprawled out before me. There stood only one permanent building which appeared to be a stable. The leader released my hand and moved his arm to rest in companionship across my shoulders. As we neared the tents people looked up and started as they saw me their eyes darting curiously to the man at my side.

“Who is he?” they whispered amongst themselves. I resisted the urge to stop and reply instead letting myself be led deeper into the maze of tents. Eventually we stopped and I looked around searching for a reason why. We were in a circular clearing which I had seen from above as we entered the valley. I knew then that we were in the middle of the tents and I stood taller waiting for what was to come.

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Captured – Part 1

I was walking back down the mountain when it happened, the raid. I instinctively dropped the pack on my back to face the threat. Who am I you wonder? I am the man who changes his personality depending on who is near him. I am the man who nobody every truly knows no matter how long they spend with me. That is until this trip and this disaster.

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Mind Shelter

Life is too short to forget to dream, to forget to imagine. Without dreams, without imagination, we are nothing more than beings drifting through life. We need that fantasy world tucked away in our mind that we can bring out and lose ourselves in when life gets too much. We need an escape from real life where all the pressure, all the stress, is just gone. What would you do if you couldn’t escape into a land of fantasy when your real life was overwhelming you?

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The Disgraced Knight’s Quest For Honour

Today’s daily prompt: The Spice of Success asks how spicy you like your success stories. It focuses around the quote “failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour” by Truman Capote. For how can you have success without first having failure? How many times in your life have you got something exactly perfect the first time you tried with not mistakes along the way? I can answer that one for you, the answer is simply you never have. Oh, you might have tried; you might have come close but you’ll never have succeeded in doing so.

This little tale tells of a man who kept failing but no matter what he carried on. He didn’t give up until he had restored his honour and that in itself is what made his success all the sweeter for without the failure he wouldn’t have treasured the result. Without the failures he wouldn’t have become a different man, a greater man.

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Pisces People

Custom Zodiac┬áis today’s daily prompt. Here’s my response and a revised version of Pisces told through the stories of four different people.

That girl who stood on the edge of that tower, they say she was a Pisces. That man who dived in front of that train, people claim he was a Pisces too. That woman who sits at the same table in that cafe everyday, there are whispers she’s a Pisces. That boy who protected the ones he cared about, they say he was born under the fish.

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For those times when you refuse to give up

When you value honour above all else and you hold loyalty in the greatest esteem you often find yourself in terrifying situations where there is only one way out. You have to follow the one path left to you that lets you hold onto the things you cherish. Now add to the mix a fierce desire to protect those who you love, your greatest friends and you have my current situation.

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