Mind Shelter

Life is too short to forget to dream, to forget to imagine. Without dreams, without imagination, we are nothing more than beings drifting through life. We need that fantasy world tucked away in our mind that we can bring out and lose ourselves in when life gets too much. We need an escape from real life where all the pressure, all the stress, is just gone. What would you do if you couldn’t escape into a land of fantasy when your real life was overwhelming you?

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Night Flight

Not long after night had fallen he stood at the opening of his cave. Before him lay the whole night world stretching out as far as he could see. High in the mountains as he was he could see great valleys and peaks lit only by starlight.

He leapt into the air, his wings snapping out to catch and updraft carrying him yet higher. A sigh of contentment escaped him as the wind ruffled his feathers making him feel alive. He rose of the thermal using only the tiniest of wingtip movements to control his assent. Tonight was about seeing where the sky would take him and seeing what the rest of the world was doing along the way.

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