How To Warn a Prince, and Totally Fail at It

So we’re back again with our favourite knight. The one who was utterly disgraced and then managed to win back his honour. The one who is twice bound by oaths to protect his king and to protect a key gifted to that very king. This story takes place before the prince became a king, before the knight became the first knight of the kingdom. He’s regained his honour but he’s still not really trusted, he’s still not really believed. The one thing everyone agrees on though is that this knight, once disgraced for running, will never flee from danger even if it means his certain death.

Step one: make sure you don’t know all of your enemies banners, so it takes you a long time to realise there is a threat.

The knight was out alone on a patrol, when he saw it. A huge army heading towards him with great banners flying high above it. He scanned the colourful fabric searching for a banner he recognised, some sign that this army wasn’t a threat. There. A banner flapped in the breeze opening as the knight looked at it and a spark or recognition was lit inside him. His heart sank, this was an attack not a mustering of allies. He turned his horse and spurred it in the direction of the city.

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The Haunted Road

He never saw the car that knocked him down. Never saw the man who killed him. The moon was high in the sky when he stumbled out of the woods onto the road. He was barely upright and seemed as if he would fall with every step. The driver never had a hope of stopping before he hit the man dressed all in black. He never had expected a man out here in the middle of nowhere halfway up a mountain side.

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So Close

The closer he got to the hospital the more he panicked. He couldn’t go in, he couldn’t go in. There was one rule just one rule. Don’t get caught! Going into that hospital would most certainly result in him getting caught.¬†“I can’t,” he shouted suddenly stopping. The woman who was holding him upright looked at him and smiled sympathetically.

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The Disgraced Knight’s Quest For Honour

Today’s daily prompt: The Spice of Success asks how spicy you like your success stories. It focuses around the quote “failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour” by Truman Capote. For how can you have success without first having failure? How many times in your life have you got something exactly perfect the first time you tried with not mistakes along the way? I can answer that one for you, the answer is simply you never have. Oh, you might have tried; you might have come close but you’ll never have succeeded in doing so.

This little tale tells of a man who kept failing but no matter what he carried on. He didn’t give up until he had restored his honour and that in itself is what made his success all the sweeter for without the failure he wouldn’t have treasured the result. Without the failures he wouldn’t have become a different man, a greater man.

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The Best Scare

Trick or Trick¬†today’s daily prompt. A request for what the neighbourhood kids would have to do to scare you. This prompt caused a few problems for me so you can have the story of a resilient knight and his companions while I think of a response to this.

The knights rode out from their city in close formation with their cloaks billowing out behind them. On the city walls their prince watched them go frowning slightly at having been kept behind. He just had this feeling that they were going to run into trouble on what should be just a routine patrol. With a sigh he turned away and headed down from the wall. He’d just have to wait and see.

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