The Coffee Shop

So imagine you could talk to your ten-year younger self. What would you tell them? What wouldn’t you? This is the story of a man in his mid-twenties who was drinking coffee one day. There was nothing extraordinary about this man, nor was he incredibly dull, he just was. An average human man who had drifted through life until he experienced a rather extraordinary event.

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‘The Strange Box Before You’

The daily prompt for today Buyers, Beware? asks about your hard-drive being found in 2214 and what note you would leave with it. This is my response. A man who has restored a computer from the time of around 2014 has heard of a hard-drive and had it sent to an antique shop for him to collect. This is the story of when he picked it up.

The man walked into the shop. A bell chimed as the door swung closed behind him. Ignoring it he headed straight for the counter where a woman had appeared. She smiled at him and reached below the counter to retrieve the object he had requested. “Here you go,” she said placing it on the counter top.

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