Welcome to the Movie Quotes Challenge. Once a fortnight (now once a month) a movie quote will be provided as inspiration for a post. You’ll have every day except the last to respond with either a fiction post under 500 words or a piece of poetry.

On the last day the poll will open for you to vote for your favourite response. The most popular fiction post and the most popular poem will then feature on this blog. Half way though the response time a post will be made giving suggestions as to ideas the prompt might lead to, just incase you are struggling for ideas.

When you respond you must:

  • Keep your response relevant to the quote
  • Create a link back to this site
  • Be within the word limit

To create a link back either:

  1. create a comment and include the link to your post (on the page relevant to that fortnight’s post)
  2. create a pingback to this page

Any more questions can be left in the comments or emailed to me at Alaska.simpson27@gmail.com

Click here for this fortnight’s (month’s) prompt.

Film Quote Challenge Badge Feel free to place this image at the bottom of any responses to the film quote challenge.



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