Here you can find the most viewed posts of Alaska’s Writings, the so called ‘Greatest Hits’. It will be updated once or twice a week so be sure to check back to see what the latest most popular posts are.

Night Flight

This is the second post to do with bird-kids, an idea I will be returning to. This is the story of our bird-kid from Hunted to the Reveal, one night. It tells of what happens to him when he’s out on the wing under the stars.

Pisces People

This post retells the characteristics of the star sign Pisces through the stories of four separate people all born a Pisces.

‘The Strange Box Before You

This post is about someone finding your hard drive in the future. With it a note has been left describing what is on it.

Night Tremors

The night, it is scary to all of us whether we admit it or not. This post examines how it means something different to us at different points in our lives.



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