From the 22nd October to 22nd November I’m going to be doing the daily prompt. A link to the result of each prompt will be available here.

My Friend The Knight

Write about your imaginary friend. Where are they now?


Write for ten minutes. Give it to us unedited.

Out of Breath

Write about a busy day.

Welcome to the Masquerade

Write about costumes and how they channel true self.

Colour From Another Age

Write about a world of black and white where only one object retains its colour.

Behind Another Door

Write about an acquaintance whose house is the same as yours.

Pisces People

Write about a custom Zodiac. Take your star sign and make it truly yours.

Hold On, Little Pisces

Write a horoscope for yesterday’s custom zodiac.

Night Tremors

Write an any genre piece including these three things: a dark night, your fridge, tears.

The Best Scare

What would the neighbourhood kids have to do to scare you?


Write about how time gets away from you.

Secondhand Tales

Tell a story you’ve heard recently, remember about embellishment.

The Strange Box Before You

What message would you leave with your hard drive for someone to read 200 years from now?

The Disgraced Knight’s Quest For Honour

How spicy do you like success?

Memory Songs

Write about a song or poem you can recite by memory.

Dog Tales

An inanimate object or pet can understand you and you can understand them. (Two days prompts in one)

Something’s different

Write about something that should have been left unchanged, but wasn’t.

Half the Words

All you hear is ‘I’m sorry. I should have told you months ago. Bye’

Mind Shelter

‘Life’s too short to…’ write a post based on the rest of this sentence.

Differences End

Write about a person close to you, who is the most different from you, how do you get along?

The Haunted Road

Write a post including these 3 things: a speeding car, a phone call and a bright morning.

The Coffee Shop

Write about someone meeting their 10 year-old self for coffee.

Be Patient, Little One

Write about ‘Good things come to those who wait’.

The Knight and The Key

Write about a key that can open anything.

Good Days

Write about the good old days.

Strange Cousins

Write about the strange relative in the family.

The Knight’s Day Off

Write about a day off, is it relaxing or action packed.

Life: The Movie

Your life is a movie, what is the soundtrack?


If you’d like to see responses to any other prompts leave a link to the prompt in the comments.


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