When you’re screaming and no one can hear you. When you’re hurt and no one can help you. What can you do but go on living alone? You do everything you can to hold on to who you, to what you are but even as you do so you feel that little bit of humanity begin to slip away.

There are days when I feel the weight of my destiny crushing me; when I feel as if I’m going to collapse underneath it. Yet somehow I find the strength to keep going to struggle back to my feet and stand again against the changing flow. I’m always here, I’ve always been here and I’ll always be here. I am what you would call a fact and yet I don’t fit your definition.

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The Haunted Road

He never saw the car that knocked him down. Never saw the man who killed him. The moon was high in the sky when he stumbled out of the woods onto the road. He was barely upright and seemed as if he would fall with every step. The driver never had a hope of stopping before he hit the man dressed all in black. He never had expected a man out here in the middle of nowhere halfway up a mountain side.

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Dog Tales

We all talk to inanimate objects at some point during out lives. Most of us, if we have a pet, will be quite willing to unload onto them all our troubles and pretend they care. We don’t really know if they’re listening and in reality it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day we just want to talk about whatever it is that is causing our mind grief and then move on. But what if just for one day you could understand them? What if for one day they could talk back? One woman was in for the surprise of her life.

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Caged by Day, Free by Night

I walked down the street trying not to run but it got harder with every step. Underneath my skin the beast clawed, trying to break free of the bonds that held it back. I didn’t have long left. I sped up unconsciously turning down a side street in an effort to get to the park quicker. In an effort to get somewhere that the beast could be let free without worry, without danger. Each step brought me closer to my goal but with each step the urge to let go got stronger, the fight got harder.

I stumbled the last few steps into park forcing myself to keep going till I was hidden in the trees. I had barely made it when I fell to the floor back arching up as I let out a howl of pain. This was it, the beast was free of its cage. Bones cracked and elongated as the change took over in a fire of agony. Suddenly the pain faded and I collapsed panting to the floor before I surged to my feet.

It wasn’t a human that walked out of those trees but a sandy furred wolf that trotted out with its head held night as it scented the air. Giving a soft yelp it ran away bowling into another wolf that had emerged from a cluster of bushes not far off.