I looked back one last time before I dived. The air rushed past me as I fell until suddenly I crashed into the waves below. I surfaced to whoops from above as my flock came down after me. Who has a flock you ask? Those people with wings growing from their backs.

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Hectic (Part 3)

As he walked Raktacolas passed their orders on to his second who produced the current inventory from somewhere on his person. Then they set off to the first of many places they would need to visit in order to make the amendments needed before it could be returned to Trackon. An action that would result in the man reading it and then passing it straight back to them so they could fix any problems before he ordered another inventory the next time he felt the need to keep Raktacolas busy. If that didn’t occur for a while then Raktacolas and his men quietly kept stock of their stores and made sure there was enough to keep the army going.

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Hectic (Part 2)

As he stood there with his men flanking him he found himself wishing he had been able to escape to his hunt before the messenger found him. Instead of the cool shade offered by the trees he was standing here in the open sun with a heavy cloak and heavier armour. Not only that his whole company’s tents were being relocated to even further from the command post which would no doubt irk Trackon.

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Hectic (Part 1)

Life has been a bit hectic at the moment so I haven’t had time to put pen to paper let alone sit down in front of my laptop. So what better way to dive back in than with the tale of a man who quite simply didn’t have enough time?

Without further introduction I give you Raktacolas a soldier in the Aticulan army. Of course he wasn’t just any soldier, he was a well-known lord. Famed in fact for his skill with a sword, it wasn’t just him but whole company he led that was renowned. A group of ten heavy armed knights all of whom sat atop great horses with gleaming coats and would go anywhere, do anything, in the name of duty.

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The Second Step To Blending In – Master Your Fear

She flew high above the city with her wings stretched out. The wind whistled over her feathers and she snapped her wings in tight. She plummeted through the air before she snapped them back out and soared back up into the air. Today wasn’t about getting anywhere but about having fun in the air and enjoying the gift of her wings.

She was halfway through a barrel roll when he arrived, diving at her from above. Somehow he managed to get his wings to beat in time with hers as she pulled out of the roll. He grinned at her and she glared back at him. “What do you want Thomas?” she demanded not really angry but more annoyed that he had disturbed her.

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An Interview with The Bird-kid – Name

It occurred to me the other day as I was recounting my story. A story which has been put into words for you by my editor, that I never really told you who I was. I just dived straight into my story. Even now I can hear you wondering who I am. This is your chance to find out? So I agreed for you to have this one interview without any changes, without it being taken out of my words. So, let us begin.

[The editor sat down across from the man at a park bench. The man looked up and nodded once in greeting before they began].

You never once told me your name

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The First Step to Blending In – Look the Part

“Where are we going?” She asked the young man who was walking alongside her. She’d been with him a week before he’d come up with a crazy plan and dragged her into the city. He didn’t answer only turning to smile reassuringly at her. They’d left the little girl behind because she was both unable to understand how important a secret their wings were and had insisted that the trip sounded boring. The young man had nodded indulgently as she presented her case before he agreed whole heartedly with her. It was only just before they left that he look at her and told her that as she was staying behind she could go foraging for food.

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Park Findings

She sat stock still on the bench watching the people around her. A bulky black jacket hung from her lean frame. It was worn from age and had rips all over it including two huge slits in the back. People gave her a wide berth as they passed eying her suspiciously once they caught sight of her tattered clothing. The worst of which was her battered shoes, once a relatively good pair of trainers, they were so worn that the soles were nearly see through and the laces only reached half way.

As she watched she focused in on a young man walking along with a little girl next to him. His clothes suggested a night or two in the rough but that was all. They were in such a condition that he could blend easily into the crowd. A quick scan of the girl revealed the same thing. Neither seemed bothered about their clothing or that they didn’t have a home. As she watched the little girl said something and the man laughed. So carefree, she thought, not a worry in the world.

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Landings, They’re Tricky Things

He let his wings still, gliding down towards the land below. Beside him the girl tried to copy him and dropped a few feet before she managed to adjust her wings. He chuckled softly causing her to look up at him a grin across her face. She was getting better at flying but after being stuck earthbound her entire life it was taking time.

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Storm Tower

He ran, sprinting for the only piece of cover for miles. Above him black clouds swirled fighting a battle in the sky. He’d been forced to land in the middle of nowhere when the storm started. The winds had grown too strong and the danger was too high for him to stay so high up. He didn’t dare fly so low in case anyone saw him. That left him running for cover when the wings on his back would have got him there quicker.

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