I looked back one last time before I dived. The air rushed past me as I fell until suddenly I crashed into the waves below. I surfaced to whoops from above as my flock came down after me. Who has a flock you ask? Those people with wings growing from their backs.

A body plummeted towards me with wings held close to its back. At the last moment they snapped put and I grabbed at the ankles of my friend. A couple of strong stokes of his wings pulled us back up as they stirred the water up around me. We rose out of the spray and my wings opened to flap as well speeding the climb.

The movement shook the water from my feathers and when I let go my wings supported me on their own. I let out a yell of joy as I swooped down on the unsuspecting flock members below.

We might live our lives in secret. We might not be accepted by society but we have each other and that’s enough for these birds. For how can we really be humans if we don’t interact with them? How can we be humans if they don’t acknowledge our existence? A surprised squawk was let out by my flock brother as he was forced down into the waves below. We might not be accepted but we still live our lives and we still have a family.

Tell me about a time you felt you didn’t fit in. Did you eventually find others like you, like these bird-kids, and no longer care? Did you find your flock? Or did you let it rule your life, make you who you are? Tell me your story.


2 thoughts on “Outcasts

  1. I never fit in with the “popular” crowd when a teen. I wasn’t really an outcast but sometimes felt bad that I didn’t. But it taught me to reach out to others who aren’t with the “popular” crowd. There are some neat supportive people out there who aren’t with that crowd!

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