Landings, They’re Tricky Things

He let his wings still, gliding down towards the land below. Beside him the girl tried to copy him and dropped a few feet before she managed to adjust her wings. He chuckled softly causing her to look up at him a grin across her face. She was getting better at flying but after being stuck earthbound her entire life it was taking time.

This island provided them the perfect place to rest while she recovered her strength before they continued their flight. He wondered if he had been too quick to take her over the sea but they needed to move on and to do that they had to cross the sea.

He landed first. He swung down to land feet first, flapping his wings to slow his approach. His feet touched down and he took a few steps before he stopped completely his wings closing to his back. He turned around to watch the girl land and ended up diving out the way as she nearly took him out. She stumbled as she touched down and fell rather than walking forwards. The full force of her landing echoed through her body. He scrambled to his feet and rushed forward to help her to her feet. “Are you okay?” he asked even as his eyes swept over her.

She pushed him away nodding, “I’m fine. How many mislandings is it going to take before you stop worrying?” He frowned at her and she sighed, “I’m trying. It’s harder than you make it look.”

His frown faded and he rubbed the back of his neck. “You’re coming in too fast still,” he said at last. He glanced around before he grinned, “Tell you what. If you help me get a camp set up quickly then we’ll go for a swim.” The response he got left him laughing as she rushed off to find a good spot. She’d been badgering him ever since they’d seen the sea to let her swim in it but he hadn’t wanted anyone to see her wings. Out here though she was free to show them off as she pleased.


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