Life: The Movie

So the final response to my month of daily prompts is in response to Cue the Violins. It asks about the soundtrack to a movie about your life. This is my response (albeit a little late)

So Taylor Swift’s song long live. A strange choice you might say but if I tell you a little more about myself you might start to see the connection.

You see I’m a kayaker but I don’t belong to a club that is focuses in on one particular discipline. I jump in any one of a number of boats depending on my mood. So what? Well when I compete people look at my club and pass me by as if they don’t expect anything from me, just because they train that discipline day in day out while I may have only jumped into that boat for the first time that year on that particular day. So imagine their surprise when I do well, or even win. Just because my club isn’t known as one of the most competitive, the best for a discipline, at the end of the day we can still compete with the best. We’re just a bunch of people having a laugh and not taking anything seriously but we’re still there, still winning because we don’t give up.

Another thing about me is I value loyalty. There’s nothing more worthy of appreciation than standing by someone to the end not matter what and even once the end comes continuing to stand by and remember them. (If you haven’t you might want to take a look at my post protection) So this song rings a chime with me because it helps to embody things that I find important. Things like passing on the memories of people you were close to, tales of the things they did, to your children. An inspiration for them to follow.

So I want this song as the soundtrack of my movie because it seems to be one the same lines as me. At the end of the day I might not be the best, might not be the strongest but I’ll still give it everything and you might just be surprised. Come another day you might be back on top but in that moment, that one glorious second, you weren’t.


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