Good Days

Good days.
They seem so long ago,
As you struggle through your day.
They seem so distant,
As you toil away.

Good days.
We look back on them fondly,
Even if at the time they were bad.
We remember them,
Long for them,
On the worse of days.

Bad days,
We hate them,
Wish them away.
We rush through them,
Curse them,
Hope they’ll just end.

Bad days,
At the time,
They’re the worst.
But worse can always come,
Take over,
Make the bad seem good.

The past,
It’s the best of times.
The present,
It’s the worst of times.
The future,
It’s yet to come,
Don’t wish for it just yet.

Writen in response to today’s daily prompt:Salad Days


7 thoughts on “Good Days

  1. My 86-year-old mom likes to tell people that has time passes, we forget the bad and remember the good. One man who lost his wife to Alzheimer’s called her after a year, and told her that, yes, it was true. For the first few days and weeks after she died, he was depressed over losing his wife. As time passed, however, he found himself able to smile as he recalled the good memories.

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