So Close

The closer he got to the hospital the more he panicked. He couldn’t go in, he couldn’t go in. There was one rule just one rule. Don’t get caught! Going into that hospital would most certainly result in him getting caught. “I can’t,” he shouted suddenly stopping. The woman who was holding him upright looked at him and smiled sympathetically.

“It’s not much further, you can make it,” she said encouragingly pulling him back upright and taking even more of his weight. “One step at a time. Come on,” she started moving again forcing him to move with her.

All he could think was that he shouldn’t be here, he couldn’t be here as she helped him through the doors of the hospital. He’d been unlucky that she’d seen the knife plunge into his leg and insisted on helping even as he was ripping his shirt to tie around his leg to slow the blood loss. Medical supplies had only been a short trip on the wing away but she insisted on helping him. Now he was in a hospital where they would discover something inhuman and he would have to run again.

Before long he was laying down as a woman approached him slowly. She must have noticed the panic in his eyes because she was approaching as if he was a skittish animal. Now he thought about it he probably did look wild. He hadn’t been near people long enough for it to be a problem though so it had completely slipped his mind. “I’m going to stitch it closed. There’s some drug coming to help you with the pain.”

The moment the word drugs left her mouth he freaked out. Drugs meant dulled senses, drugs meant words falling to easily from my lips, drugs meant a trap. Clearly she realised what she had said wrong because she was talking again, trying to calm me. “Or not. You don’t have to take them but it will be painful.”

He looked up at her searching for any sign of a trick before he sighed. “Just do it,” he said his eyes hardening over. Still she hesitated unsure whether to continue, “Do it before I do it myself,” he growled angrily. She didn’t seem to get the message so he made a lung for the needle on the tray. That snapped her out of it and she pushed him back and set to work.

The strip of shirt was removed and the wounded cleaned as best she could so she could see. Then then stitches started. The first time the needle passed through the flesh she looked at him worriedly but no sound escaped his lips. He just looked straight back at her calmly, “keep going,” he said in a soft voice as if she was the one in need of comforting. She nodded and carried on stitching it closed quickly before making sure the outside of the wound was clean.

“You’ll need to stay off it for a few days,” she told him as she packed away, “and we’ll want to keep you here for a while to make sure you don’t suffer from all that blood loss.”

“No,” he said swinging his legs down. “I’m leaving now,” he didn’t wait for a reply before he stood and walked away. He was careful to make sure there was no limp in his step as he walked away with his secret still safe.

Apparently she wasn’t going to give up that easily as she came running after him. A hand landed on his shoulder halting his progress. “You shouldn’t be…”  she started to say and then trailed off. “What is that?” He froze realising her hand had landed on his wingtip.

“Nothing,” he replied trying to pull away. He’d been so close to escaping. She held him still though and pulled down the neck of his shirt exposing the wing. He pulled her hand away and turned to look at her. “You say nothing of what you just saw to anybody and I’ll stay of my leg. Deal?” She didn’t answer still looking shell-shocked. “Deal?” he repeated shaking her slightly. She nodded dumbly and he released her giving her one last searching look before he turned and walked away the limp completely hidden.


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