Differences End

We’re so very different,
My friend and I.
Not just in looks,
Or the scan of an eye.
We get on so well,
Like a house on fire.
But down at the roots,
We should raise each others ire.

She’s taller,
More scrawny.
I’m shorter,
With muscle.
She loud and out there.
I’m quieter,
More withdrawn.

Yet somehow,
Along the way.
I’m more confident,
More self assured.
She cares more,
What people think of her.

She complains she’s not strong,
Says I think her weak.
Because she shows emotions,
While I turn the other cheek.
She open and loveable,
So easy to know.
I’m closed, inaccessible,
What do you really know?

Yet somewhere,
Along the way.
Despite our differences,
Me ho, and her hey.
We manged to get along,
To become friends.
Because at the end of the day,
Differences end.

Written for: Oil, Meet Water. Today’s daily prompt which asks about the person close to you who is least like you. 

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