Mind Shelter

Life is too short to forget to dream, to forget to imagine. Without dreams, without imagination, we are nothing more than beings drifting through life. We need that fantasy world tucked away in our mind that we can bring out and lose ourselves in when life gets too much. We need an escape from real life where all the pressure, all the stress, is just gone. What would you do if you couldn’t escape into a land of fantasy when your real life was overwhelming you?

It’s why we get so attached to books and to television programmes. They’re an escape into a world where your problems don’t exist anymore. Sure, the characters have their own problems but they solve them and move on with their lives. It’s that example that gives us the strength to face the world again and face our own problems with courage because we know that, no matter how bad we have it, life could always be worse. We can think back to that character, the one who was on the brink of death; who gave up everything they had for a friend; who felt lost and alone in the word, and we can draw strength from that.

We don’t just escape into fantasy provided for us though. We create our own and we carry it with us all our lives. Sure, it changes as we grow up, as we experience different events, but in its essence remains the same. It is the place where we feel most at home, invented to give us comfort when we most need it. Without our imagination we wouldn’t have that one escape, that personal shelter from the ongoing storm of life.

I thought I’d share a little of my shelter with you. It has changed a lot since I was little but in reality it still shows the things that are most important to me. They’re just a little more hidden now but they’re still there. When I say a little more hidden I mean that there aren’t any dragons flying across the sky every two minutes anymore but instead the dragons tend to stay in their caves. Not very real-worldy but that’s the whole point. It’s my escape and that means completely impossible in real life. So, these dragons, they stay in their caves now. If I’m stuck with a problem it’s to one of these dragons that I go because dragons after all are renowned for their wisdom. A conversation with a dragon later and all I have is riddles so I go to another part of my fantasy land.

Water has always been calming to me. People say that the sound of running water drives them mad but it helps me think. It’s no surprise then that there is a river running through this special little land of mine. Once I’ve been confused by the cryptic dragon or dragons if it’s a really annoying problem it is to this river that I go. I sit by the river bank and bask in the starlight as I mull over the riddles that are now dancing around in my mind. Did I mention that it’s always night in my land? I think it has something to do with my love of the night sky and how it shows off the endless possibilities of the universe. Anyway I relax by the river until I have my answer to the problem that’s been driving me insane for the past who knows how long.

Sometimes great battles go on in my precious little shelter from real life. Two great armies will crash together in open warfare until one emerges victorious. They have these colourful banners that display the two choices I have to choose from at the time. When the battle is won or lost I have usually made up my decision and while it may be made on the strategic advantage of one army or another that advantage had been put there by my subconscious because that decision has that strength. At the end of the day my shelter is a place to escape real life and put it into an other-worldly situation that enables me to overcome the problems in my life.

So there we go a little about my fantasy world in my head that is an escape from real-life. Without imagination it wouldn’t exist. If I didn’t stop and dream it wouldn’t help me make decisions. I couldn’t live without my escape, could you?

Written in response to today’s daily prompt ‘No Time to Waste‘.

‘Life is too short to…’


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