Dog Tales

We all talk to inanimate objects at some point during out lives. Most of us, if we have a pet, will be quite willing to unload onto them all our troubles and pretend they care. We don’t really know if they’re listening and in reality it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day we just want to talk about whatever it is that is causing our mind grief and then move on. But what if just for one day you could understand them? What if for one day they could talk back? One woman was in for the surprise of her life.

With a huff she fell to the floor beside her dog. He was a spaniel cross whose fur was constantly needing to be combed as he wouldn’t stay out of the bramble bushes on his walks. She began to run a comb though his fur as she started to talk. “I’ve had such a bad day, boy,” she told him her gaze resting on him fondly. “They weren’t doing anything at work today.”

Suddenly she heard a strange voice groan, “not again,” as her dog dropped his head to rest on his paws eyes half closed. She looked around trying to locate the source of the voice but was unsuccessful.

Deciding that she must have imagines it she carried on. “All they seem to do is come in and do nothing. I don’t understand how they haven’t been fired yet.”

“I know this,” the mystery voice muttered. This time she stood up and looked around trying to see where it was coming from. The speaker could obviously hear what she was saying a he had to be close by. “Why are you getting up? I was enjoying that comb,” the voice said and she spun to look at her dog, arching one eyebrow challengingly. “What do you think I’ve done,” the voice said.

“I think you’re talking,” she said watching the dog careful for his response. He jerked upright rising to his paws and stretching out.

“You can hear me?” The dog asked her excitedly. She nodded and the was it for the day. The dog placed a paw on each of her shoulders and pushed her to the floor. For the rest of the day she didn’t have time to complain about her own problems. Her dog wasn’t letting her get a word in no doubt for revenge for all the dull shorties she told him.

They had yet to get used to the other being able to hear and understand when the phenomenon. When she woke in the morning she turned to look at her dog and wished him a good morning. His mouth opened but no sound came out indicating that whatever had allowed him to speak was now over.

For today’s daily prompt: Literate for a Day. One small change though instead of them understanding you  this response is you understanding them. 


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