Memory Songs

Today’s prompt (By Heart) asks about reciting song lyrics from memory. Does the song have a special meaning or has it stayed in your mind for another reason? This prompt really rung a bell with me because there are certain songs that are special because they remind me of my childhood. Lots of people have songs they associate with things; songs that make them cry or laugh. Sometimes they’re to personal to even share with anyone else because they connect with you on such a deep level.

The first song I want to talk about is ‘Good people’ by Jack Johnson. Whenever I hear this I am immediately transported back to when I was seven. It was the first time we went away to a holiday cottage with our dog and we ended up at this old mill. This song was pretty much the theme song to that whole holiday, the number of times my brother and I listened to it on repeat.

Whenever the first lines of the song are played I find myself filled with memories of that holiday. Of building a dam in the steam and walking the dog through nearby woods. Of staying up late with my brother to have a secret midnight feast that my parents probably knew all about, as they’d been there when we brought the food, but pretended not to anyway. ‘You win, it’s your show now, so what’s it gonna be?” The start of the song and so incredibly inspirational to a seven year-old but so precious to me now not for the words but for the memories they hold.

Next I want to mention ‘some nights’ by fun. Not so much a song of the past but rather a song for now. This has got to be my favourite song at the moment and I just can’t help but laugh when I hear it play. My favourite part of the son has to be: ‘So this is it boys, this is war – what are we waiting for? Why don’t we break the rules already?” This just rings a chord with me not just as the child who was once fascinated by ancient battles and knows how often rules were broken in wars but because how often do we see rules as a hindrance between us and our goal. This whole song sums up my life so perfectly sometimes that it seems to link with my very soul.

Finally I want to talk about ‘I’m yours’ by Jason Mraz. It’s been around for a while but it holds a special meaning for me and the words are forever singed into my memory. It’s that bitter sweet tune that tears you apart and lifts you up at the same time. ‘I’m yours’ it’s my first crush that it brings back. That feeling you don’t quite understand at the time that leads to confusion for a while before you realise you’re crushing on them. Luckily for me, my crush liked me back and we had a go at it. A go that crashed and burned, in the dee pests pits of hell, but at least we gave it a shot.

‘I’m yours’ was our song. It was a little cheesy perhaps but it was just something we were always listening to and singing together. It was a friend who pointed out that the song summed us up so well and after that it just sort of stuck. So that’s the final song that holds value for me.

Are there others? Sure there are, but something’s you’ll never share and exactly what some songs mean to you is one of those things. Do certain songs have special meaning for me? Well, yes. Some songs strike a chord so deep with me that they become more private than some of my deepest secrets. It feels like they are baring what I feel to the world when in fact nobody else would make the same connection.

A bit different from what I normally write and apologies if you were expecting another piece of fiction. There should be one coming soon but this is a piece in the meantime that helps full fill my goal to do a months worth of daily prompts.


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