‘The Strange Box Before You’

The daily prompt for today Buyers, Beware? asks about your hard-drive being found in 2214 and what note you would leave with it. This is my response. A man who has restored a computer from the time of around 2014 has heard of a hard-drive and had it sent to an antique shop for him to collect. This is the story of when he picked it up.

The man walked into the shop. A bell chimed as the door swung closed behind him. Ignoring it he headed straight for the counter where a woman had appeared. She smiled at him and reached below the counter to retrieve the object he had requested. “Here you go,” she said placing it on the counter top.

He approached to look at the box-like object she had taken out. “May I?” he asked. She nodded and he picked it up studying it closely for a moment before he placed it back down. “How much do you want for it?”

“300,” she answered instantly and he frowned.

“200,” he replied with a critical glance at the object.

Now she was frowning. She studied him closely for a moment, “250,” she said firmly.

“220,” he said meeting her eyes in challenge. She glared at him but nodded offering her hand. He took it quickly before she could change her mind. With a smile he reached into his pocket and withdrew the right amount to pay for the purchase.

She smiled back as she took the money and placed a piece of paper atop the box. “This comes with it. Be careful it’s 200 years old,” she told him as she locked the money away. He reached reverently for the piece of paper unfolding it slowly. Script covered the page and he read it slowly.

Greeting to whoever is reading this. If you have this note then

you no doubt have my hard-drive as well. If you don’t know what

that is then it is the strange box before you. On this particular

hard-drive you will find pictures from my life though they are not

the organized very well. There’s also a folder called writing in this

you’ll find various drafts of my book ‘The Unfathomable Broach’

which was never finished. The idea having been abandoned in

favor of a different plot when it got too extreme. In another folder

you will find articles about the current events of my time 2014 and

some unpublished works for my blog. I hope you find what is on this

hard-drive interesting and in the hopes of preserving history I request

that you keep this letter with the hard-drive and pass both on together

if you decide to part with them. Sincerely, the original owner of that

strange box before you.

Reading the last words he chuckled slightly and refolded the piece of paper. “Until next time,” he said to the shop-keeper and then headed out of the shop with the hard-drive secure in his bag. It seemed he was going to be doing a lot of reading on the ancient computer he had restored.


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