Back In Time

He wanted to discover more about himself. Or at least that had been his excuse when he was asked why he was going on this strange trip. Surprisingly they had backed off then nodding and conceding to let him go. It had been a lie though, it wasn’t self discovery he craved but rather the adventure of this trip.

He smiled at the people around him before he gave one last wave and twisted the decorative bracelet on his wrist. He’d discovered it a few years before and something about the ring of gold had caught his attention. It was made of three strands of slightly different shades that twisted together to make the bracelet. There were little symbols carved into the gold and it was these that he had been studying. His conclusion, the bracelet would allow him to travel in time. As he twisted in he pressed down hard on two of the symbols and then he was gone. Vanished into the past.

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Park Findings

She sat stock still on the bench watching the people around her. A bulky black jacket hung from her lean frame. It was worn from age and had rips all over it including two huge slits in the back. People gave her a wide berth as they passed eying her suspiciously once they caught sight of her tattered clothing. The worst of which was her battered shoes, once a relatively good pair of trainers, they were so worn that the soles were nearly see through and the laces only reached half way.

As she watched she focused in on a young man walking along with a little girl next to him. His clothes suggested a night or two in the rough but that was all. They were in such a condition that he could blend easily into the crowd. A quick scan of the girl revealed the same thing. Neither seemed bothered about their clothing or that they didn’t have a home. As she watched the little girl said something and the man laughed. So carefree, she thought, not a worry in the world.

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Captured – Part 1

I was walking back down the mountain when it happened, the raid. I instinctively dropped the pack on my back to face the threat. Who am I you wonder? I am the man who changes his personality depending on who is near him. I am the man who nobody every truly knows no matter how long they spend with me. That is until this trip and this disaster.

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Landings, They’re Tricky Things

He let his wings still, gliding down towards the land below. Beside him the girl tried to copy him and dropped a few feet before she managed to adjust her wings. He chuckled softly causing her to look up at him a grin across her face. She was getting better at flying but after being stuck earthbound her entire life it was taking time.

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The Knight’s Day Off

The knight rose late from his slumber. The sun waking him as it penetrated through his curtains. With a groan, he rolled up and pulled the curtain back. He was immediately assaulted by the sun pouring into the room through the window. He blinked rapidly and climbed out of his bed.

The day before he’d come back from a month-long trip with his king. It had been a small party and the need to keep the king safe had led to him being on edge for most of the trip. By the time they’d ridden into the city the evening before his nerves had been well and truly frazzled. The king had taken one look at him and said, “take a day for yourself.”

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Storm Tower

He ran, sprinting for the only piece of cover for miles. Above him black clouds swirled fighting a battle in the sky. He’d been forced to land in the middle of nowhere when the storm started. The winds had grown too strong and the danger was too high for him to stay so high up. He didn’t dare fly so low in case anyone saw him. That left him running for cover when the wings on his back would have got him there quicker.

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The Knight and the Key

A key that can open any lock you choose. That can only ever be used once but for that one time it is unstoppable. Just think of the chaos that would happen if only five such keys existed. The results could be cataclysmic or they could be extraordinary. In the end though the keys would have been used and the world would recover from the chaos to become something new.

What if such a key had existed once? Fiercely guarded until it could be passed on. Kept a secret by its guards who never saw let alone spoke to anyone outside their order. It was a sacred artefact that was known of only in myth and legend. Originally one of ten, the others had been used towards evil means and this one, the last, had been hidden away for safety. This is the story of what happened to that key or more precisely who it was given to.

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