The Best Scare

Trick or Trick today’s daily prompt. A request for what the neighbourhood kids would have to do to scare you. This prompt caused a few problems for me so you can have the story of a resilient knight and his companions while I think of a response to this.

The knights rode out from their city in close formation with their cloaks billowing out behind them. On the city walls their prince watched them go frowning slightly at having been kept behind. He just had this feeling that they were going to run into trouble on what should be just a routine patrol. With a sigh he turned away and headed down from the wall. He’d just have to wait and see.

The knights entered the forest at a slow trot watching the trees around them for any kind of threat. Their patrol wasn’t particularly big, only five men, but that was common for the peaceful times they were living in. Suddenly, one of them gave shout and urged his horse off the track they were following. The others followed quickly trying to pick out the threat but unable to find anything out of the ordinary.

Then, the knight slumped forward in his saddle. As his companions caught up they saw an arrow in his side. Instantly they were fully aware looking for the attacker but once again they couldn’t find anything. “Ride,” the injured knight groan. “Ride now,” he repeated his grip tightening on his horse’s reigns and urging it forwards. At a loss his companions followed the only one who could see their attackers. They’d just cleared the area when a whole wave of arrows hit the ground where they’d been moments before.

The injured knight led them on for a while before he stopped his horse. The others came to a halt behind him. One of the knights swung down from his horse and approached the knight whose grip on his reigns was loosening again. “How’d you spot them?” he asked as he looked at the damage the arrow had done.

“It just didn’t seem right and then I saw them,” the injured man replied. The knight hummed in an invitation for more as he gripped the arrow shaft. “They blended in perfectly with the forest. If I hadn’t seen one move I’d never have spotted them.” Halfway through his explanation the knight pulled the arrow out swiftly.

“How may were there?” The knight asked as he bound his companions wound tightly.

“At least eight. That was all I saw before they hit me,” he replied. The knight nodded and finished his work before asking, “can you ride?” The injured man nodded with a small smile and his companion remounted his horse. “Then take a message back to the prince. We’ll keep an eye on things here.”

The injured knight protested until at last his companion pulled rank ordering him to go back to the city. He straightened in his saddle and rode straight for the city his grip firm on the reigns with one hand while the other pressed against the wound in his side helping to stem the blood flow.

By the time the knight rode through the city gates he was slumped low in the saddle. He rode straight into the palace courtyard and dismounted stumbling as his feet touched the floor. A stable-hand caught him before he fell. Those who witnessed the event tried to take him straight to the physician but he put up a fight, demanding to see the prince before his wounds were seen to. Luckily, the commotion drew the prince out.

Upon seeing one of his men injured the prince rushed forward. The knight, who was now being supported on either side, when he saw his prince straightened. “Attack in the forest, sire. The others stayed to wait for reinforcements and monitor the attackers. They were invisible.”  The knight’s words were halting and upon delivering the last one he collapsed unconscious on the men supporting him. The prince immediately snapped into action taking the knight to the physician himself before he gathered a group of knights. Soon he was riding out of the city with a group of knights at his back.

There we go a tale for while I was thinking. My answer to the question:

That which would scare me would be something I couldn’t see the origin of. A bit like the knights not being able to see the source of the attack.


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