Ready, Set, Done

Today’s prompt (or yesterday’s as I’m posting this late) asked for ten minutes of just writing this is the result. The daring robbing of a casino from the perspective of the distraction and get away man.

He walked forward careful to disguise the slight limp in his left left. Lifting his head slightly to make sure his face was caught on the camera he walked through the doors of the casino. The moment he stepped inside he was assaulted by sound but he ignored it his eyes scanning the area around him.

Confidently he reached into his suit pocket and withdrew a roll of notes. He exchanged them for a pile of chips with a smile as he settled into a place at the blackjack table. A couple of rounds in and his pile had grown substantially. He saw the sign from the dealer that indicated he was suspected of card counting and yet carried on regardless.

A couple of hands later he was aware of a presence behind him that meant he had drawn the attention he was meant to. The next time he was dealt a hand he played his chips with his right hand rather than his left. A silent signal for those who were watching that it was time to go. A few more high wins and then he went on a loosing spree careful to win a few small amounts along the way.

The silent presence from behind him vanished and he played a little longer before he left the table. Time to move on to the next stage of the plan. He headed upstairs to his room and slipped through the connecting door to where two of his companions sat at a table watching screens.

One of them looked up as he approached, “We’re in.” That was all he needed to get ready for his part in the exit plan. He quickly changed out of the suit and pulled on a much more casual set of clothes. “Time to get thrown out,” the other man told him.

He left the room with in clothes totally unacceptable for the hotel. Now though he was amplifying his limp and carrying a battered baggage case in his left hand. A voice came through his earpiece, “You’ve got two minutes then these cameras are back up.” He kept his steps even though he felt a sense of urgency surge through him.

As he walked he bumped into someone coming the other way and a quick exchange was made. One case for the other and then he was off again making his way down to the hotel lobby and slipping across the room to approach as if he was a guest. He added a slight drunken sway to his limp as he approached the desk. “Room for one,” he slurred.

“I’m sorry sir but you cannot book a room here,” the lady behind the desk answered him.

“Why not?” He demanded, fake anger colouring his words. “Sa, ‘otel ain’t it?”

“I’m sorry sir but rooms must be booked in advance, these gentlemen will escort you out.” The next thing he knew he was being walked out the door and pushed onto the steps below. He staggered down the steps making sure to turn and spit at the hotel before staggering away. As he turned out of sight a car pulled up next to him and he slid in. “I’m out,” he reported to the two men listening in the hotel room.

“Good job,” said a voice in his ear.


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