Creatures of the Wood

I was walking through the woods when I saw them. All manner of strange creature gathered together in a clearing. It was a meeting of sorts and it was to fulfil my curiosity that I crept forward. So focused was I on the meeting before me that I didn’t hear the stickes crack under my feet.

They did though and I froze as they all turned to glare in my direction. It seemed that I had been caught and so I did the only think I could think of. I turned and ran praying that they wouldn’t catch me before I broke free of the trees. Unfortunately it seemed that these creatures weren’t the only ones in the woods and as I ran blindly away I ended up stumbling into a different clear.

I froze as I realised I was now surrounded by what looked like huge toadstools. Only they had faces and were staring at me in shock. “We’ve been seen,” one shouted suddenly.  Just as I prepared myself to face an attack from a group of toadstools they all vanished. Looking around I found what looked like a normal ring of toadstools around me.

Shaking my my head to dispel the craziness of what had just happened I sped off again. As I ran I came across more creatures. Some hid, some ran and some watched me angrily until I had passed until at last I could see the edge of the trees. A bird swooped down to land in front of me and I stopped watching it suspiciously. Just as I thought it might be a real bird it opened its beak and spoke. “Why don’t you stretch your wings little hawk,” it asked me curiously.

I frowned at the bird but it just sat there waiting. “I don’t have wings, little bird,” I replied evenly. Trying to ignore the fact I was talking to a bird.

“Just because you don’t use them doesn’t mean they don’t exist,” the bird replied before flying away. I stared after it before I sped away out of the woods pushing the encounter from my mind.


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