The Best Scare

Trick or Trick today’s daily prompt. A request for what the neighbourhood kids would have to do to scare you. This prompt caused a few problems for me so you can have the story of a resilient knight and his companions while I think of a response to this.

The knights rode out from their city in close formation with their cloaks billowing out behind them. On the city walls their prince watched them go frowning slightly at having been kept behind. He just had this feeling that they were going to run into trouble on what should be just a routine patrol. With a sigh he turned away and headed down from the wall. He’d just have to wait and see.

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Pisces People

Custom Zodiac is today’s daily prompt. Here’s my response and a revised version of Pisces told through the stories of four different people.

That girl who stood on the edge of that tower, they say she was a Pisces. That man who dived in front of that train, people claim he was a Pisces too. That woman who sits at the same table in that cafe everyday, there are whispers she’s a Pisces. That boy who protected the ones he cared about, they say he was born under the fish.

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Night Flight

Not long after night had fallen he stood at the opening of his cave. Before him lay the whole night world stretching out as far as he could see. High in the mountains as he was he could see great valleys and peaks lit only by starlight.

He leapt into the air, his wings snapping out to catch and updraft carrying him yet higher. A sigh of contentment escaped him as the wind ruffled his feathers making him feel alive. He rose of the thermal using only the tiniest of wingtip movements to control his assent. Tonight was about seeing where the sky would take him and seeing what the rest of the world was doing along the way.

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