Caged by Day, Free by Night

I walked down the street trying not to run but it got harder with every step. Underneath my skin the beast clawed, trying to break free of the bonds that held it back. I didn’t have long left. I sped up unconsciously turning down a side street in an effort to get to the park quicker. In an effort to get somewhere that the beast could be let free without worry, without danger. Each step brought me closer to my goal but with each step the urge to let go got stronger, the fight got harder.

I stumbled the last few steps into park forcing myself to keep going till I was hidden in the trees. I had barely made it when I fell to the floor back arching up as I let out a howl of pain. This was it, the beast was free of its cage. Bones cracked and elongated as the change took over in a fire of agony. Suddenly the pain faded and I collapsed panting to the floor before I surged to my feet.

It wasn’t a human that walked out of those trees but a sandy furred wolf that trotted out with its head held night as it scented the air. Giving a soft yelp it ran away bowling into another wolf that had emerged from a cluster of bushes not far off.



A writing prompt asked for a rescue scene. Here’s my interpretation of that prompt

He leapt into the lake, not even pausing to throw off his outer clothes. Diving down he felt the cold water press against him forcing the air from his lungs in shock. He surfaced momentarily, before, with a gulp of air, he dove back down. His searching hand closed around an arm and he kicked upward towards the surface, dragging the dead weight with him.

He broke free of the watery depths once more, this time with a body clutched tight to his own and swam as best he could to the bank. With each kick he tried more from the effort of dragging the body along whilst fully clothed. By the time he reached the bank his breathing was laboured and it was with one last heave of effort that he climbed out of the lake, dragging the body with him.

He collapsed onto the grass breathing heavily for a minute or so before turning to his companion. The man was still alive but his breaths were shallow and hardly noticeable as he coughed water from his lungs. With a sigh he rolled the man into his sided and murmured comfortingly as the man expelled the remaining liquid. Slowly he came into the man’s focus and he smiled softly when he saw the first signs of recovery. “I’ll make sure your safe,” he said his expression carefully open. “Rest now and recover your strength.”

He waited till the man’s breathing had settled into the soft rhythm of sleep before he stood and shrugged off his wet coat. Glancing around he realised that a fire was in order to dry their clothes before they froze to death. Muttering, about inconvenient people who had to go and almost drown, he set out to see what wood he could find.

When the man woke again it was to the soft crackle of a fire as it’s heat sank into his bones finally dispelling the chill of the lake. The smell of cooked meat drifted across to the man and he looked up to see himself being offered food by his saviour. “Eat then we’ll talk about what you were doing in a lake,” he said as the man took the food. He grinned when the man tore hungrily into the meat as if he hadn’t eaten in days, “slow down. Nobody will take it from you here.”